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About Us

Aras steel Company

Aras Steel Trading with more than 15 years experience in the field of supplying and distributing all kinds of alloy steels is now the largest supplier of supplying and selling of alloyed steel in Shahedabad Steel Market.

Aras Steel Trading with a specialist focus on all kinds of alloyed steel, alloy sheets, rebar types, hot working steels and cold working steels, etc., has been able to acquire expertise and expertise in the field of supplying and distributing specialized and various steel to customers and The Iranian industry will serve the ground.

ArasFoolad, an agent for the sale of all types of alloy steels, offers the highest quality and internationally compliant alloy steel sheet. Arus Corporation, based on its expertise and expertise, is ready to supply any steel and iron with any standard and type. Dimensions and sizes to each one with the highest quality and lowest price….

our products

Steel MO40

Stainless steel

Refrigerator steel

SPK steel

Hardux steel

Steel VCN200

Steel VCN150