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Shadabad Mall, North Mordad block, No. 203
Iran, Tehran
Aras Steel Trading
MO40 steel with excellent quality and reasonable price
Leading in project implementation and development
Heater steel, refrigeration steel, SPK steel, VCN200 steel, VCN150 steel

Aras Steel Company

Supplying and distributing all kinds of alloyed steels is now the largest supplier of supplying and selling of alloyed steels in the Shadabad market of Tehran.

Our company supplies low cost steel and high quality alloy steel, hot working steel, refinishing steel, MO40 steel, SPK steel, hardwall steel, VCN200 steel, VCN150 steel.

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Sale of all kinds of steel steels, sale of all types of hot-tempered steel, cold storage, plastic molds, heat-treated operations, cementation, sales of automatic machines and … Sale of prestigious domestic plants (Yazd Alloy Works, Isfahan Alloy Steel, Esfarayn Alloy, etc.) DSS Ukraine , ABS Italy, Rödingen, Germany, Pöttering, Bahlari and reliable Turkish and Chinese steel mills, Buying and Selling with Dimensions and Shapes.

Dear Customers, You can contact us for price inquiry and technical advice regarding the requested and required items in the field of Steel and Alloy Sheets, through the following communication methods, Aras Steel Trading has always tried to ensure the quality of the goods and the low security The most expensive in the market for steel and metals.

  • Steel MO40
  • Stainless steel
  • Steel SPK
  • Refrigerator steel
  • Steel VCN200
  • Steel VCN150